Hi! This is Billy Z. I run this site, and thus, this shop, pretty much on my own, and as you can probably guess, band merch sales are not regular enough or voluminous enough to pay any of my bills (at least not for the time being or the foreseeable future). I have a day job that unfortunately must take priority most of the time... Also, this is my first experience commandeering an online shop, so please, go easy on me.

That said, almost all of the products for sale on this site are made to order by Printful.com, which means, for those products, there's nothing "in stock" just waiting to be shipped out. They won't even be printed until you order them, and sometimes, the particular size or color of the items you select our art to be printed on WILL BE momentarily out of stock at Printful, information that may or may not be synced to this shop or shown in real time...

So, what I'm saying is: please be patient, your orders are likely to take longer to get delivered than the spoils from your average online shopping spree. Still, feel free to contact me with any shop-related issues you have. Your concerns won't get routed to an international call center or replied to by an automated bot, and I'll personally do whatever I can to resolve your problem. Just keep in mind, like anybody else, my bandwidth is finite.

Finally, let me THANK YOU from the bottom of my soundhole for your patronage and much-needed support of the independent arts, and be sure to check out the details of our sweet social media sharing rebate!